Mar 28 • 58M

[Limited Release] Chris Langan - CTMU Metareligion [Full Podcast - vocals only]

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Dr. Gina Langan
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Chris Langan interprets selections from the Holy Bible within the framework of the CTMU. The raw audio from this private teleconference. Two public clips of this amazing CTMU Bible Study teleconference are already available (the first two segments), and we may release one more. Due to the personal and controversial nature of the material, the rest will remain in the member areas here and at CTMURadio.

Under discussion for this podcast:

Genesis 1:3 2 
Peter 3:10 
John 14 2 & 6 
Matthew 22:15–22 
Lukas 16:13

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We are putting together another Bible Study. If you would like to suggest a passage for analysis from the bible (or other holy scripture), please include the full reference in the comments section. This invitation is for substack and channel members only.

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