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Good job, Dr. Malone!

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This is great news! Malone has a large audience.

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I'm glad you connected. This is inspiring. I will reach out to more influencers privately on Twitter and elsewhere. I believe, like many, Dr. Malone has been suspended on Twitter (for now), but used to have his DMs open, which was helpful.

I'm glad he quickly picked up on Chris' down-to-earth brilliance. The more these connections are made, the more that can be made aware of the important choices now facing us as individuals and as a society, and the more the CTMU can make its way into the collective consciousness. To me, it's inevitable, because it's an idea whose time has simply come.

I want to encourage anyone who feels inspired to find one or two leader-influencers with large audiences who you feel are truthful, good-hearted, and dedicated to a better humanity, and who have their DMs open (or just write them publicly), and introduce them to Chris and the CTMU. I feel this will help tremendously.

Thanks, as always, to Chris and Gina for the amazing work you are both doing. This world can and very likely WILL become a much better and freer place and will head in a far more positive, life-affirming direction due to your dedication, which is clearly borne out of not only intelligence, but also compassion. A beautiful balance between head and heart. Thank you <3

I feel it is important that we all get the word out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if we no longer wish to live in an increasingly parasitic world -- and it has become incredibly parasitic already. I think the idea of a technocratic singularity is long past its expiry date and it's simply time to throw this sick, dystopian, demented, and nightmarish scheme into the trash bin of history where it belongs. That can only happen if enough people are made increasingly aware of a more intelligent and life-affirming option, which, in my view, would be the CTMU.

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I shared this great news with the White Wellbeing community:

Good news! Chris Langan, "World's Smartest Man" (and outspoken opponent of Antiwhitism and White Erasure, though not yet using the Go Free lexicon) has been discovered by Robert Malone, who has a big platform. Malone quotes Langan:

" let us call this process a “parasitic divergence” — i.e., an organized divergence of humanity into a parasitic overclass and a relatively impoverished underclass serving as its mind-controlled host, mirroring the gruesome effects of certain obligate parasites on the organisms they attack — and acknowledge that it is driven by the self-reinforcing and therefore accelerating acquisition of wealth, power, and technological control by the rich."

Mapping terminology, Parasitic Overclass = Antiwhite Regime

"in order to have a meaningful mass awakening, the content of the awakening must be defined and distributed to the members of humanity, thus immunizing them against parasitic mind control."

Content of Awakening = Go Free Method

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Terrific alignment ...

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