Apr 26, 2022 • 1HR 39M

CTMU Q & A: Reality Check [Full]

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Audio podcast. Links to Limited Edition Videos can be found on this page: https://megafoundation.substack.com/s/ctmu-video-archive
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Note: This discussion was removed from YT for “medical misinformation”. In other words, shut up and take your shots!

Full audio from the fantastic Q & A that we held last October 3rd, 2021. Dr. Gina Langan reads submitted questions for Chris Langan in part 1. In the second part, Foundation Members who were able to attend the zoom chat asked additional questions.

This is a frank and open private discussion that has not been edited for content. Please do not download or share this private audio. This podcast will remain available on the Mega Foundation substack and on Chris Langan’s Ultimate Reality substack.

TITLE - CTMU Q&A: Reality Check

LINK - https://megafoundation.substack.com/p/5db51722-c70d-4343-afc3-6337237a0a2f#details

0:00 - Introduction

0:56 - Definitions of extension

2:23 - How is reality a more specific form of tertiary syntactor?

4:22 - Is the flat universe theory consistent with CTMU?

8:32 - Are immaterial bodies formed from Telons as opposed to Fermions?

13:33 - Are we on a trend to biosphere collapse?

19:58 - What do you think about one and two?

22:50 - What is a differential parameter?

25:15 - What is your current read on parasitic divergence?

28:44 - What is the relation between Satan, falsehood, and unresolvable paradoxes?

31:10 - Is it logically justified to use “absolute falsehood” to refer to Satan?

34:55 - Real-life examples of CTMU concepts

38:13 - How to become the best in the world at a skill?

40:58 - Passive observers vs Active observers

44:01 - What are your thoughts on the semiotic reduction thesis?

51:29 - How to save yourself from modern-day psychotronic warfare?

56:30 - Is a Faraday cage effective?

57:44 - What would be the differential parameters between two feelings?

1:02:37 - Retraction of telons

1:03:18 - Are we being bombarded with falsehood?

1:09:12 - Can the scenario with the Roman king repeat in present time?

1:10:48 - Unexpected thing we should do to stump the science of predicting human behaviour

1:20:45 - Discerning God from Satan

1:23:48 - Vaccines

1:28:03 - Timeline of spike protein effect in HIV

1:37:06 - And That's a wrap!

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