Apr 26 • 1HR 39M

CTMU Q & A: Reality Check [Full]

This discussion will change your life.

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The CTMU Teleologic Living Plan is a way-of-life program based on CTMU cosmology. This newsletter highlights this program in the context of health, longevity, and soul salvation, our primary foci.
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Full audio from the fantastic Q & A that we held last October 3rd, 2021. Dr. Gina Langan reads submitted questions for Chris Langan in part 1. In the second part, Foundation Members who were able to attend the zoom chat asked additional questions.

This is a frank and open private discussion that has not been edited for content. Please do not download or share this private audio. This podcast will remain available on the Mega Foundation substack and on Chris Langan’s Ultimate Reality substack.

This episode is for paid subscribers

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