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Aug 27, 2022Liked by Dr. Gina Langan

I believe that the collective “WE” with Chris and Gina at the helm can be the GOD-fearing, GOD-infused mouthpieces to bring GOD front-and-center to the hungry masses. The enemy has the Scriptures memorized. We must develop our Christ-consciousness and have ready answers on auto play. God promised that He would give us the words to speak. He also reminded us of our abilities to call upon His battle angels at will. He has given us the tools, the armor and the promise that we shall not be forsaken. Sound the alarm, blow the Shofar and prepare yourselves in mind, body and spirit. (GOD is now persistently revealing to me words which I simply dictate as led by the Holy Spirit). I am not new to this as GOD has been working through me since I was very young.

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